Thomas Dupont / Founder & Designer


Born 1977 in Paris, Thomas moved to the countryside as a kid and grew up in the green mountains next to the swiss border. Thanks to his parents, he developed very early an endless passion for arts and culture. With 17 he completed a High-School degree for Art and Graphics and started to study interior design. Bored by the classic teaching structures he moved on to become a junior-event manager as part of his civil service. Rather than study theory for ages, he thought that only real apprenticeship and practice  of your craft will make a you a master. In 1998 he got back to graphics and moved to Berlin, where he followed a 3-years apprenticeship as a Media-Designer in 2 local agencies. To complete his experience, he later worked in many different positions around the event and communication branch, including event-manager, roadie, cook, DJ, barman, and decorator. As a “Renaissance man” he understands that the combination, exchange and melting of all art forms and cultural knowledge is the best way to communicate ideas and create a peaceful global culture Since 2002 he has worked as a freelancer for various companies and agencies in Berlin and worldwide from Morocco to Melbourne.